Hell-burned Labe arena and Sunday’s long races

From the early hours in the morning the racers met again in Labe Arena. All of them were awakening and warming-up riders who were about to challenge the long race to 15, 30 or, respectively, 40 km.

Despite the hot weather with temperatures above 25 degrees (it forced the organizers to shorten planned races by 5 km) a total of 68 racers waited for the start of the long race shortly after 9:30 in the category of women, women veterans, women ultra veterans, men ultra veterans, cadets and juniors. The last category of cadets was a shortened race for 15 km.

The fastest racer was the Dutch Patrick Olthof who crossed the finish line of the six-wheel race like the first one in time 1:05:14.0 and determined about the last lap for others to the finish. Fiona Olthof, Patrick’s sister won the 30 km race among the women. She finished the race behind her brother in 3 minutes later (1:08:17.5) and took the third place among all racers. The best Czech racer was the second Pavel Milda junior in time 1:08:12.6.

Long race scheduled for kids, the best endurance scooter Tomas Pelc

The break between the main Sunday races was filled by the endurance race for kids under the age of 12 who set out on a five-kilometer route. 

At noon the longest discipline of the whole weekend festival was started - the expected race of men at 40 km. Almost eighty racers went on a heated track in front of the huge ovations of a great audience.

The first half of the dificult long race was dominated by the Michal Kulka representing the Ultima K.Lap Team who took the lead for almost 250 meters from the rest of the group. In the second half of the race the other racers speeded up and got closer to Kulka, especially team-mate Tomas Pelc. In the end Tomas had more power in the finish line and took the first place in time of 1:25:17.7.

Final performance of gladiators in 40 km race ended up so spectacularly a great sports weekend. It was the first time in a new festival format. We congratulate all participants and look forward to meeting all of you next year again.

Complete results of all races can be found at sportovniservis.cz.

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