Heated arena,enthusiastic riders. KICKFEST enjoyed

Almost two hundred athletes, a great atmosphere and the heated Labe Arena in Racice welcomed the last weekend in May the best Czech and European scooters. The first round of the Euro Cup and the 2nd round of the Czech Rollo League took place here like the first KICKFEST festival in a history, complemented by kid‘s race categories as well.

Why scooters? "First of all, it's joy and healthy activity. For others it's a lifestyle or a kind of comfort. Indeed everyone can find something in it," explains the intention of the KICKFEST festival in the new three-day format the chief manager Jan Bartůněk.

Friday‘s supersprints launched the whole festival schedule

On Friday the new night supersprints had started all the racing weekend. There were the racing route the 150-meter long lit by fire bangs on both sides. The spectators of this very attractive discipline watched a total of thirty riders in an extraordinary race even with 180-degree turn on the route.

The highest speed and the best strategy in the race were confirmed by the Bartunek brothers who defeated all opponents and got the final race side by side. The older Lada demonstrated his more experience there and won the final duel with the start-finish method.

„We wanted to come up with something new and try this discipline. We believed it could be attractive to the spectators as well. And it was confirmed, " evaluates the premiere of the sprint discipline in the festival schedule its overall winner Lada Bartunek.

Saturday's 12 km race

The main schedule of the KICKFEST festival was started slightly after noon by the so-called 12 km kriterium race. The racers were expected to have 2.5 rounds of Racice oval. 

There were other news even in twelve-kilometer race. "We have made some changes for this year's edition. We turned the direction of the race and set the finish line in front of the main spectator tribune located at the center of the festival. That's why we have to set the start of the race to the middle of a five-kilometer round, outside the main area of ​​the festival ", explains the Jan Bartůněk the details of the 12 km race and adds:" The spectators could cheer and boost their riders in the finish line this year.“

Long races dominated whole Sunday schedule

Even Sunday was thrilled from the early hours to the tropical temperatures as on day before. The only one thing was diferent. All racers faced another scooter challenge - endurance race at 30, respectively 40 km.

"The scooters were enthusiastic, despite the high temperatures there were entered more than 150 riders into a long race," was pleased J. Bartunek. "We even shortened the tracks by 5 kilometers because of the weather. Moreover we prepared for the riders the shower in the finish line so they could be cooled by ice shower," describes preparations for the endurance race J. Bartenek.

Plans for the future? World Cup

Overall the scooter festival can be considered as a great one. Enthusiastic athletes and applauding spectators are the best proof. "Of course, we have several comments and ideas that we want to work and improve on the next edition of the festival," adds J. Bartunek and at the same time declasses the plans for the coming years: "However we hear the positive feedback from several sides too. That all give us the strength to continue. We would like to try to get a scooter world championship or European championship to the Czech Republic.“