European championship heading to Racice!

There will be the peak of this year's scooter season in Račice in the last weekend of July. In fact, the best riders from all over Europe will come to the Elbe arena in north Bohemian area and they will compete in the three-day European championship.

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Ice challenge is an original race not only for racers, but in this case exclusively for organizators...

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17:00 - 20:00 Registration and picking up your race numbers (Race Office)


07:30 hrs. - Registration and picking up your race numbers (Race Office) ends 60 min. before every race
10:00 hrs. - Sprints: small children (2012-2010), pupils (2009-2007) and cadets (2006-2004), women - all categories
14:00 hrs. - Award ceremony: Sprints
14:30 hrs. - Sprints: juniors (2003-2001), seniors (2000-1980), masters (1979-1970), veterans (1969-1960) a ultraveterans (1959 and older)
18:00 hrs. - Award ceremony: Sprints


8:00 hrs. - Registration and picking up your race numbers (Race Office) ends 60 min. before every race, registration to Relay till 12:30 hrs.!!!!
10:00 hrs. - Criterium 12 km: category cadets (2006-2004), women junior (2003-2001), women senior (2000-1980), women masters (1979-1970), women veterans (1969-1960), women ultraveterans (1959 and older)
11:15 hrs.  - Criterium 12 km: category men juniors (2003-2001), men seniors (2000-1980), men masters (1979-1970), men veterans (1969-1960), men ultraveterans (1959 and older)
11:45 hrs. - Award ceremony: Criterium 12 km
13:00 hrs. - Criterium 500m: category small children (2012-2010)
13:15 hrs. - Criterium 1000m: category pupils (2009-2007)
13:30 hrs. - 200 m: push bike race: children under 6 years
13:45 hrs. - Award ceremony: category small children (2012-2010), category pupils (2009-2007)
14:30 hrs. - Czech handbike cup: time-trial 15km, category MH1, MH2, MH3, MH4, WH
15:30 hrs. - Relay
18:00 hrs. - Award ceremony: Relay


08:00 hrs. - Registration and picking up your race numbers (Race Office) ends 60 min. before every race
09:30 hrs. - Long race 35 km: women + men juniors (2003-2001), women seniors (2000-1980), women masters (1979-1970), women veterans (1969-1960), women + men ultraveterans (1959 and older), 15 km women + men cadets (2006-2004)
11:15 hrs. - Award ceremony: Long race 35 km, 15 km
11:30 hrs. - Long race: category small children 1000 m (2012-2010), pupils 2000 m (2009-2007)
11:45 hrs. - Award ceremony: category small children, category pupils
12:00 hrs. - Long race 45 km: category men seniors (od r.2000), men masters, men veterans
14:00 hrs. - Award ceremony: Long race 45 km
15:00 hrs. - Czech handbike cup: Critérium na 60km for categories MH3, MH4 and 30km for categories MH1, MH2 a WH.
till 15:00 hrs. - Returning chips, starting numbers and room keys
16:00 hrs. - Award ceremony: Czech handbike cup





Transport to Račice

From Prague

Use an Exit at the 29th km of the motorway D8. Then follow the road nr. 240 to Roudnice nad Labem. Read the city signs carefully to avoid the city centre. Follow the roadsign saying "Štětí". Turn right on the roundabout next to the Billa supermarket. On the next crossroad (approximately 1 km further) turn left. You will pass through Předonín village. On the next crossroad turn left to Račice.  

It takes about 1 hour.

By train

The railway station is called Hněvice and it takes about 45 min from the Prague Main Station. The railway station Hněvice is about 15 min walk to the venue.

The venue and places to visit


The town of Račice is situated north-east of the town of Roudnice nad Labem on the left shore of Labe River. It is located 158 m above sea level. Until the end of 80’, Račice was the part of the town of Štětí. Račice was established in 1295 by King Vaclav II.

In 1986 the rowing course was opened on the place where sand was quarried, and The World Rowing Junior Championships was held in Račice.

The venue

Kickfest takes place in area of the Labe Arena. There is an artificial water channel for water sports such as rowing, canoeing, etc. The length is 2 350 m. There is 5 km long road around the channel.
The kickfest tracks is located all around the water channel.

There is also a nice tribune to watch the event, restaurant and accommodation.

Places to visit


We would like to recommend you visit Prague. Prague is the capital city of the Czech Republic and it is also the largest city.

Prague is situated on Vltava River in Central Bohemia. It has been the political, cultural and economical centre of the Czech State for over 1 000 years. It has population about 1.3 million people. 

Prague has a lot of well-known attractions such as Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, Old Town Square with Astronomical Clock, Petřín hill and Vyšehrad. The extensive historical centre has been a part od UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites since 1992.

Říp Hill

Říp hill is a 459 m high hill in Central Bohemia. It is a solitary hill that used to be a volcano.
According the legend, the first Czechs settled here. It is seen from Kickfest tracks.


Mělník is a town in Central Bohemian Region with about 20 000 inhabitants. It is ancient royal town and it’s famous for its vineyards.

It is located on confluence of Labe River and Vltava River, about 35 km north of Prague.